Question Yourself


Question Yourself

I am writing out some of my favorite questions I ask myself when I am feeling triggered, overwhelmed, or comparing myself.

When I feel triggered;
What circumstance created this trigger?
What was the specific trigger?
What is the underlying root emotion here?

When the underlying root emotion is identified you can work with that more easily. Sometimes just acknowledging the emotion will bring about a shift.

When I am overwhelmed in a task or decision;
What is the goal?
What can I let go of?
What is a small next step I can do?

Identifying the next small step moves you forward with more ease and can open the door for inspiration.

When I compare or judge;
What is the feeling and where do I feel it?
Can I focus on my body being in the present and find something
to appreciate right here and now?

When we judge or compare we are stuck in our heads. Reconnecting to the body can be helpful.