Identity Makeover


Identity Makeover

Is Your Identity Holding you Back?
Me, “I decided I am going to train for the marathon.”
Mom, “But you’re not a runner”

Ever have someone casually remind you of an identity you were trying to change? I remember listening to a live band once and heard the guitar player call out to a woman in the crowd ‘Hey Sasha, I looked up the word shot in the dictionary and your picture was under it!’ These thoughts stumbled through my mind as Sasha laughed and stumbled past me obviously having had one too many shots: What if Sasha was tired of being identified as this person and wanted to change? If everyone here sees her as one thing but she desires another, how does she evolve from that?

Have you had this identity evolution conundrum? A time you wanted to be, do or have something, but your old identity kept getting in the way, either by you or someone else?

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks a lot about this in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Dr. Joe says it’s impossible to create any new future when you are rooted in your past.

Learning to observe your thoughts, beliefs, actions and emotions is the first step in transforming your reality. What is it that you want to do!? What old identity is stopping you? Where can you begin a new thought of a new identity that has a better fit for the future you?

PS – An old hip injury took over and I never did make it past 9 miles of marathon training. Did I limit myself by falling back into an old identity of not being a runner? Maybe.