Words Have Energy πŸŒ€

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Words Have Energy πŸŒ€

Did you make a resolution in January? Some years I do and some years I don’t. Every year I do, by the month of March the energy behind the resolve to do that specific thing usually has fizzled and I am left with the slight feeling of I suck for not holding to it.

This year I decided to forgo the resolutions and focus on a Word of the Year.

Have you heard of choosing a Word of the Year? This was a new concept to me and I love it! Words have weight. They have energy. One word can change the feeling in a room in an instant. Adopting a Word of the Year felt like a simplified yet extended and more rich focus for the new year.

I went with the criteria of

What do I want to feel more of in my life this year?

(You can make up your own criteria if that doesn’t fit for you)

When this concept came into my world I was in the middle of developing and running a new course, creating a whole workbook for the next course, coaching and getting coached. I found myself in my old, default energy of needing to work really hard. I felt like I was in a state of paddling up stream, forcing the work and the solutions. Can you relate to this energy?

When I began to play with my Word of the Year, my first thought was Playful. I wanted to bring more fun and ease and into working. But that felt not quite right.

The second word I tried on was Flow. That was closer to where I was going but didn’t create the spark I was looking for.

The next word I chose was Delight. And there it was! Delight. It kinda just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

Delight is a fast track to alignment for me and with alignment comes ease and flow.

So this year in March, I find when I am pushing too hard to get something completed or solved, when I feel I am forcing the ideas to come, I go to my word of the year …Delight. Usually just saying the word cues me into the feeling of ease and lightness and from there, it’s like I turned the boat around.

Sounds delightful right? So what would your Word of the Year be?

ps enjoy the golden milk recipe below

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