Empowered Women Change the World.

Are you ready to step into your power?

beginning to question
  • You are strong and capable, and you take the initiative to get it all done. You are fine. And while life definitely isn’t easy, you’re doing ok.
  • Your hard work and grit have gotten you this far and could carry you through if you let them. You could continue to push through, but at what cost? Joy? Vitality? Health? Satisfaction?

It is possible to live this one amazing life with more ease and flow.

  • Life doesn’t have to be so hard and you don’t have to live with just being ‘fine’. Deep down you feel there is more to this life, and your soul is ready and eager for change
  • You are beginning to question… is there another way?

Helping strong, hardworking, capable women release their personal struggle and live with more joy and ease

callibration keys

Welcome to The Calibration Keys

The Calibration Keys is a coaching program developed to help build your Manifesting Mindset so you can really live all areas of life with more ease. 

The 7 week program teaches keys of Manifesting so you become a master at living life being, doing and having what you want.

You are powerful whether you know it or not

erin johnson life coach

Who am I?

 Hi!  I am so glad you are here checking this out. I really get giddy when women want to reclaim their life because Women who are Empowered Change the World!  And you might agree that this world could use some support.  I used to live my life thinking super busy was best. That blaming others for my unhappiness was easiest. That changing my life was hard. 

And then…My life shifted in a single moment in the middle of the grocery store a number of years ago and I have been on this path of taking back responsibility and creating a life of possibilities and freedom from comparing and blaming since. 

My superpower is this, I help strong, capable women release the struggle that comes from not taking responsibility and step into their inherent power to create with ease.

It is possible to feel good, to live with ease, and enjoy an amazing life.   I’m here to support you!

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