micro control


The other day my 2 children and a friend went sledding.  Mind you they were sledding for 30 minutes before I showed up.  As soon as I surveyed the scene I began to micromanage…’Ok now watch that thing there, be careful of that, don’t go too fast, make sure you don’t hit the dog… I felt I needed to control every aspect of what they were doing.  Why?  Because of the feelings and thoughts I was having.

My children are 25 and 18!  When I felt myself spiraling into the world of micro controlling the situation and not breathing well, shoulders hovering high enough to feel my earlobes, I paused.  I took a breath. I stepped back. And I let go.  I let myself trust they will listen to their own inner guidance. Not always an easy task!

micro controlling

I am a coach who teaches recognizing and trusting inner guidance.  I walk my talk when it comes to me following my own inner voice  and intuition and when I find myself doing the micro-control dance, I have to remember that EVERYONE has their own guidance. Whether they choose to listen or not, is really not my business. (As hard as that can be for a parent)

We don’t always know the reason someone is going through what they are going through including at times what we ourselves are experiencing.  Trying to control all aspects of a situation so we feel better is futile- we can’t do it and trying can make us feel more out of control. Learning to trust the unfolding is where the magic is and it’s a practice.