The When/Then game


The When/Then game

3 Tips to Stop Playing the When/Then Game in life

The When/Then or the If/Then game of life sounds something like this-

‘When my husband stops drinking, then I will be less angry. When my boss appreciates me, then I will be happy at work. If my child gets her sh*t together, then I will be able to relax’.

Have you heard yourself playing this game in an area or two in your life?  This game renders the player powerless over their own happiness, fulfillment and overall wellbeing.  This is a game many people master and yet mastering only keeps us in the state of victimhood to external circumstances.  Masting this game in life does not promote the powerful, magnificent, loving, human you came here to be.

Tip 1

Notice what areas in your life you are playing the When/Then game.
You may become aware of the game being played in family and friends before you recognize you are playing it also.

I recognized I was playing this game. And when I decided enough was enough and stopped blaming others for how I was behaving and feeling in my life, I became ready to take back responsibility for my mood, my actions, my anger, my happiness and my wellbeing.


Tip 2

Ask yourself – Is this true?  Does my happiness, health, performance, satisfaction in life… really depend on someone else changing?

When I was done waiting for others to change,  I began to make tweaks here and there that resulted in sometimes big and sometimes small changes in my reality. Was it easy? No. Was it uncomfortable? Sometimes. Was it worth it? Completely.

Tip 3

Find proof that you already feel the way you want to feel.

I searched my life and found where I already felt wellbeing, happy and fulfilled. I felt more empowered and become more clear when of taking steps forward.

Stop playing the When/Then game and reclaim your innate gift to shine so the world can benefit from the uniqueness you were born to bring forth! We are powerful creators and once we remember to define ourselves as such, we open the door to the magic of creating the life we desire.