The Fun Side of the Island

The Fun Side of the Island

The Fun Side of the Island

I used to drink – a lot.

In college I was a binge drinker.  I would do the pre-party then the party. That slowed a bit after graduation but not significantly.

In my early 40’s I was finding my life to be quite messy, as I was swimming in unhappiness and blaming the condition of my life on others. (Clean Up on Aisle 4 is the story of a significant wake up shift I had. I will share that another time).

At 52 I found I was still messy when I drank. Thoughts in my head came out of my mouth before I could stop them. My body was unstable, my mind unclear, I felt disconnected from myself and I felt like shit the next day.

6 months ago I found myself saying ‘I am no longer available to show up as this person.’ That is when I decided drinking me was not lined up with current me.

the fun side of the island

I still go to the bar down the street to hang out with friends, listen to music or sit outside with a non-alcoholic beer or 2. I like the taste of beer and the action of drinking with friends.  I like the connection I have with myself, the clarity I leave with and I like not numbing out my world. I like holding a conversation and not regretting what comes out of my mouth and being more present for myself and others. I like taking responsibility for lining up with who I want to be.

I chatted with a friend the other day who looks fantastic and has had such a shift in her presence and energy.  I asked her what changed. She said, “I stopped drinking. Who would of thunk being alcohol free would bring me to the fun side of the island.” (she was quoting Andy Ramage)

My point here is not to suggest people stop drinking, my point is inviting you to notice how you show up in situations and if that is still in line with you you want to be.