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Mid-life for women can be a wonderful and challenging time. Our bodies are changing. Our roles in the family may be changing. Even our values, goals, relationships and dreams may look different. Honoring ourselves and our gifts by putting down the armor during this time can be difficult.
I know what it feels like to experience challenges through this time, and I know what it feels like to redefine myself and come out on the other side. To have a mid-life renewal and become more in love with life than you ever knew was possible... is what I want for any women who also wants this.

As Brene Brown says: Mid-life is when the Universe comes down and puts her hands on your shoulders and pulls you close and whispers in your ear ‘You're halfway to dead. The armor you hold onto is keeping you from growing into the gifts I’ve given you, and that is not without penalty. This armor is not protecting us, it is keeping us from being the parents, the partners, the professionals, the people we want to be. The time is now.

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I’m going into my 50’s with the confidence that I can be fit forever! I was feeling so out of shape and frustrated because I just couldn’t seem to find time. Erin thoughtfully, compassionately, and wisely guided me through figuring out exactly what I needed to do. I’m getting fit, stronger and more excited about it every day! I just wish I met with her 10 years ago!!
Adrienne W
Working with Erin, I learned what feelings were my red flags to slow down and look inward vs reacting. I would recommend working with Erin if you are ready to change yet feel stuck or can't get yourself over the hump and want to see what’s on the other side of what’s holding you back.
Jodi E
Erin is amazing at seeing your blocks and guides you to work through them. She could so quickly see that my mindset was a major factor in how my body was feeling and set me up with tools to improve it. Definitely worth working with her!
Juli Y
The courses are hard work, empowering and rewarding.
Sarah W
Erin is a great coach! She really listened and helped me make sense of my jumbled thoughts and get clear about what was real and important to me so I could shift the anxiety that was clouding my decisions. She remains my best support system.
Tonya F
Erin is an uplifter. Every Time I spend time with her, I leave feeling like I’m ready for something more, some new growth, some way of expanding.
Deb W